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The O'Reilly Consulting office and its team of contractors, set up in 1995, is positioned to be in touch with a network of quality providers in design, web creation, digital social media, video presentation and advertising design and placement.

O'Reilly Consulting fills a communications niche that provides specialist skills in corporate and government counsel, backed by mainstream commercial and media experience. Approved sub-contractors may be proposed for a contract, but overall management of a communications plan is by the Client with Mike O'Reilly as an partnering advisor.

Politics and Information: Mike O'Reilly is a Registered Lobbyist in South Australia and Canberra and has positive contacts within all sides of the political spectrum.

O'Reilly Consulting works with an excellent social planning & engagement group, Gould Thorpe Planning, to help major development projects relate & engage with the community. 

Update News: In 2017 the business team Ros Rossi & O’Reilly brings together three individual business operators, who together represent a formidable partnership of expertise and experience rarely seen in South Australia.

Who are we? Luigi Rossi former General Manager (Project Delivery) with DPTI now Luigi Rossi and Associates, Ros Agate former Director Communications & Business with the Environment Protection Authority (now Roslyn Agate Consulting) and Mike O’Reilly from his well established business O’Reilly Consulting. With combined expertise and proven years of experience this team is able to assist businesses and Government based organisations with project and infrastructure management, small or large.

Mike also has a formal working relationship with Reputation Australia, a highly respected national Public Relations and Media Skills firm with Affiliates in major cities and regional markets. This group is a powerhouse of individuals with media knowledge and skills.

Our Fees: Reasonable... is the best description. Professional fees and charges reflect our controlled overheads. Direct-to-client billing for sub-contracted suppliers is preferred, to provide absolute billing transparency. We just want to do the best work at the fastest speed - and get paid for delivering Communication programs that lead to success.

Magill, South Australia 5072 Telephone All Hours 0414 882 505