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In Parliament House - understanding the systemWe offer... rapid responses to manage Media & Public Opinion:

Community Engagement, Crisis Management & Media Interest Advisory

From decades of consulting & success, I know that establishing face-to-face discussion can prepare a clear pathway for negotiating community issues, that otherwise might upset or derail future plans and programs. 

Covid, damned Covid: In 2020, every accepted standard of community relations planning evaporated in a flash! In this pandemic crisis, my proven contacts with Local, State & Federal Australian Governent agencies became even more important to my clients. Outcome: We managed to keep industry happening across borders, and supporting traumatised local communities - by staying ahead of the C-19 rolling storm. Direct meetings were organised with State Medical Officers to ensure business activities could be maintained.

I work on Business & Government projects that need Communications Management, Community Engagement and Media Management skills to best present a project or proposed scheme to the wider community, as well as those more directly affected. 

My advice is... do it early ~ and do it well!

O'Reilly Consulting and my selected team of Approved Partners can deliver Community Engagement, Political knowledge, Project Management, Public Relations & Media Management in South Australia - and in all its Regions. We have proven credentials - shown by projects now delivered. We assist companies and government organisations to relate with people and groups that have a potential to impact your business operations. In successfully doing that, we also have earned the respect of local community representative groups. 

Mike has successfully delivered media & communication programs for government agencies under both major political parties or coalitions. As a Registered Political Lobbyist his connections with Government in SA are extensive. Equally, his connections are positive with Politicians in Canberra. 

Environmental Projects: Mike is an experienced community engagement and media adviser who has worked on multiple waste management projects, former urban waste site remediations and has driven advancements in the industry of construction & demolition waste recycling for over 30 years.

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Mike O’Reilly FPRIA has proven skills in ethically advising community & stakeholder groups. This usually starts by getting out to the locals area to gather real knowledge, by talking face-to-face with the public, local community, special interest groups, media commentators, government agencies, parliamentary or regulatory bodies. I represent clients in this outward facing discussion process. I have never broken a trust.

Fact: All the above contacts require sensitive contact in the pre-planning phase.

Fact: Leaving things to chance is too late. We partner with social planning & engagement experts to help major projects engage with the community. We actually walk down local streets to door-knock and listen to householder & business opinions, to develop workable options that enhance project success. It's all about local knowledge ... and if you don't ask, you will never know! We may also engage certified Market Research companies to identify market and social attitudes to assist your decision-making.

Mike’s career experience covers the widest parameters - from roles in Government and Media - working in Community Engagement, Public Relations counsel, Community Consultation, Journalism, Marketing, Politics and Political Advice. His time in newspaper, television and radio journalism still ensures a strong Media network and an understanding of the industry. This is matched by corporate commercial skills which focus on the ‘bottom line’ outcome for clients. Our lower cost overheads are reflected by sensible rates - and we are fast. Top level clients can verify my capabilities.

With a background working in the Corporate field with an ASX listed beverage and industrial packaging company, and then later in the political arena in SA & NT, Mike has a unique mix of management experience in tactical communications. A feature is an ability to work on projects for interstate, or offshore teams using portable 'Cloud' computing connections. We have been at the sharp edge of this efficient way of working. An iPad is often my complete mobile office and media content generator.

Mike gets satisfaction from working 'hands on' with projects that deliver lasting benefit to the community... he creates newsletters, websites, takes photographs & videos and has safety accreditation for access to construction sites

newsletter example - nexy community                                                               cablelayingsturthway

State & Federal Political & Lobbying skills

Mike has particular skills in helping small and medium business or industry groups to understand the most productive ways to communicate with Government to achieve growth and employment. 

He has worked in ministerial level politics in South Australia, and the Northern Territory, variously working for a Chief Minister, Paul Everingham MLA and a State Premier, Hon Dean Brown MP, as an advisor in Media, Communications & Marketing. Mike worked for the State Liberal Party and Leader Dean Brown MP in Opposition for a year - and then into Government for a year before returning, as planned, to his own business. In that time he reviewed all advertising, marketing and PR activities of all Government agencies - identifying waste, saving millions and still keeping good teams in place.

He has worked on Federal & State Government projects, winning awards with professional bodies including the Public Relations Institute, International Business Communicators and the Australian Marketing Institute. He is a Fellow status Member of the PRIA. 

Mike is a Registered Lobbyist in South Australia and Canberra and has positive contacts with people on all sides of the political spectrum. 

Christopher Julie  Mike copy 2   Meeting socially with former Federal Cabinet Ministers Christopher Pyne and then Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, for Christopher's 25th Anniversary in Parliament

Mike has the benefit of having appeared (voluntarily) before a Parliamentary Select Committee investigating government procurement standards. He fully satisfied the committee of MPs of his company's financial and professional credibility on government work. As a result he has advised individuals and companies on their need to perform honestly and openly in this high pressure political environment, one where no lawyers are permitted - and where 'no comment' can see you held for contempt of Parliament!

My Business: It's a small business, a strategically managed consultancy, working often as a team with local Associates and interstate Affiliates, who are chosen for their matching qualities and competitive pricing. We maximise a client's reputation while keeping the bottom line simple and economical. 

A few clients we have helped:

Over the years our we have provided particular services to clients with significant names ~ and achieved successful results: Such as... Shell Australia, Telstra Corporate Relations, Incitec Pivot, Mobil Australia, Murray Darling Basin Association, SA Timber Processors Association, SA Brewing Holdings / Southcorp, Kraft Australia, Chapmans Smallgoods, TransEnergie Canada, SAAB Systems, Terramin Australia, Cartridge World, Internode, City-Bay Fun Run, Mogas Corporate, Winestate Publishing, CITB Construction Industry Training Board, Adelaide BMW and Ferrari, and many more who are current clients. 

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