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URGENT ALERT ~ if the Media is calling you at Midnight...

 Rapid Response to managing Media & Public Opinion:

We work 24/7. If the 'unexpected' crisis happens to a Project or your Products, an immediate and brutally honest assessment & tactical response plan is YOUR key to limiting damage to your reputation and that of your stakeholder community. FACT: This is not a time to discuss 'responsibility' issues - just communicate honestly with your stakeholders and the community. We will listen to your Legal advisors - but will not play games with the obvious facts. The urgency of Media is not a courtroom with established rules of engagement. Reporters will demand responses and generate wild-cat responses from other external groups via online website polls or blogs that may be critical of all your activities. In a crisis, it is 'crunch time' on the front-line. So call in an expert like Mike O'Reilly - quickly. I have worked successfully with Barristers and Special Counsel teams over the years.

As a communications professional Mike has been in the front-line many times.  Some occasions have been actually life threatening. He has proven capacity in rapidly assessing issues and responding with ethical options that can be communicated to media, community or political sources. His crisis management knowledge and skills are fully established.  His 'pool of goodwill' with the Media is established and current - as a fair and reasonable professional person who understands the urgent needs of all parties.

“My work ethic and flexible approach has enabled me to establish a reputation for honest dealing with clients, journalists and public and private sector decision makers, whether I am working within an organisation, or working for them. It’s all about establishing ethics, managing risks and maintaining trust."

Example: Adelaide's best known community sports & lifestyle event, the 'City-Bay Fun Run' had a serious IT 'hack' security problem in August 2014 and management immediately contacted Mike O'Reilly to control the issue - resulting in rapid understanding of the possible impacts, a proactive engagement with all media over 48 hours including advising the need for proof of security approval through an IT Auditor (an Authorised Ethical Hacker, believe it) and finally generating a protective message to give many thousands of entrants confidence in the system security... a successful turnaround.  (The client is happy for us to present this case study)

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Mike has a wealth of experience in major development and infrastructure project communications activities that call for balancing the needs of the community with those of the constructor. 

In managing critical issues, we develop a rapid understanding of relevant topics - and overlay knowledge of public or government attitudes which might impact on an organisation. From there it is possible to plan and deliver communications using direct methods, mainstream media or, if necessary, preventive intervention with fully briefed legal muscle. 

In political experience Mike has the rare benefit of having appeared (voluntarily) before a Parliamentary Select Committee investigating government procurement standards. He fully satisfied the committee of MPs of his company's financial and professional credibility. Over the years he has advised individuals and companies on the need to perform honestly and openly in this high pressure political environment where no lawyers are allowed - and where a "no comment" response can see you held 'under guard' for contempt of parliament!

Fact: If a client is developing a Major Project of any type, all forums require sensitive and real contact during a pre-planning phase. 

Community Engagement - Public Feedback:

No matter how long you've been in media or communications, a few days working 'face-to-face' in a Shopping Mall display is a great way to learn that dealing with the Public takes more than a detached media release or a public notice advert in the back pages of The Advertiser.

Mike O'Reilly often works with larger community consultation experts and social planning practitioners. We connect directly and confidently with the public at the highest level of formal but sometimes 'informal' public consultation. People respond to direct communication and often will openly provide 'the key' to discovering other local ways & means to make contact with their community. You just have to be bold enough to ask - and to be seen in the front line.

It's an Open House - Meeting the community face-to-face at a local Shopping Centre during the approval process for a major infrastructure project

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