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Exprience Counts

Mike's strengths are in Media Relations, Communications Management, Community Engagement, Political Knowledge, Issues & Crisis Management - and Newsletter & Website Publications. He also works on Film & Video Script Writing for corporate video production businesses.

Representing client projects, he has won multiple communication awards for concept and project delivery: They include Public Relations Institute 'Golden Target' Awards, National Society of Business Communicators (SBC) Gold 'Serif' Awards for campaign management, print or video projects through to 1998. He received an Award for Communications Excellence from the Australian Marketing Institute in SA for creating and managing the 'Nurse of the Year Awards', with sub-contractors very much part of the team achievement.

He has earned several National and State awards from Public Relations and Communications professional bodies for projects that recognise genuine communications skills. The awards reflect an ability to determine client and market needs and to provide workable and economical means of communicating concepts or facts by multiple, direct to community methods.  While it was a few years ago, the basics remain the same in 2018. Mike was the first Public Relations practitioner to twice win the PRIA (SA) Excellence Award's highest local citation, the Laurenti-Ellicott Award in 1991 and 1995 for comprehensive communications programs. 

Corporate & Training videos he produced or scripted with Light Image Films have won Creative & Gold Excellence Awards at the US Industrial Film & Video Festival. He won the National PRIA 'Golden Target' Award in 1991 and was runner up in 1995.

Political Advice or Information

Mike O'Reilly FPRIA is a Registered Political Lobbyist in South Australia and in Canberra, with positive contacts within both sides (and Independents) of the political spectrum. He has the rare benefit of having appeared before a Parliamentary Select Committee investigating government procurement standards, in which he fully satisfied the MPs of his company's financial and professional credibility. It is a stressful but valuable opportunity to undergo review by Parliament!



As a result, he has advised individuals and companies, even legal businesses, on their requirement to perform honestly and openly in this high pressure political environment, where no lawyers or legal advisers are permitted - and where a 'no comment' can see you held 'under guard' in the Parliament House 'dungeon' (actually a small room with Police officer outside) if you show contempt to Parliament! 

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